Zanzibar Cultural Tour

This trip brings you closer to the local population in the small villages of Zanzibar. Giving you a chance to do a cultural tour, that provides a fascinating insight into their traditional way of life centered around fishing and farming.

The trip starts with a visit to a spice plantation. Not only will you see how the farmers grow the spices, fruit, and vegetables, but you will also have the chance to smell and taste their produce.

You then continue on to the Persian baths ‘Kidichi’, which Sultan Seyyid Said built for his wife in 1850. From the baths, the tour makes its way to the village of Mchangani, where the lifestyle has changed little over the past few centuries. The women still use dried palm leaves to weave mats and roofing material. In the village, you will meet a local woman who will demonstrate how to paint with henna, and explain the difficulties involved in finding fresh water. Another villager will show and explain how important the coconut is to village life – and demonstrate the best way to peel one. You can even have a go yourself!

Your next stop is the fish market in Mkokotoni, where you can see all kinds of freshly caught fish and seafood.

It is then time to visit a local blacksmith, who will show how he makes the pins used to build dhows – the traditional, hand-built boats of Zanzibar.

Lunch is served in the village of Nungwi on one of the finest beaches on the island. After lunch, you will have the chance to take a dip in the clear turquoise water, so make sure to bring your swimming costume.

In Nungwi, the local craftsmen will demonstrate how they use simple tools and methods to build their sturdy dhows.

Last stop on the trip is at Mnarani Natural Aquarium, which is used for the study and conservation of marine wildlife, and also serves as a sanctuary for the endangered green turtles.

Duration: Full-day excursion

Price: $131

Payment is made at the start of the tour.

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