• Invoices will be raised immediately after a ticket is issued.
  • You will be expected to pay for all tickets issued by Embrace The World Agency Ltd. once we are in receipt of a duly signed L.S.O and the credit period 30 days has elapsed, irrespective of whether travel actually took place or not.
  • We will refund you for all unutilized tickets immediately we receive credits from the airlines concerned.
  • We shall charge cancellation service fees in addition to all cancellation charges levied by the airlines.
  • We will ensure all invoices and statement for the previous month will reach you by the 1 st working day of every month.
  • You will pay Embrace The World Travel Agency Ltd in Kenya Shillings at the airlines Bank Settlement Rate (BSR) or in US Dollars. You will advise us on the mode of payment that you wish to be billed on i.e. USD or KES.