Experience Prison Island

A 20 minute dhow cruise takes you out to Prison Island. Its history, wildlife and nature have made prison island a popular destination.

Also known as Changu Island, Prison Island was uninhabited until 1860. Majid bin Zaid, the first Sultan of Zanzibar, originally gave the island to two slavers, who used it to hold rebellious slaves in captivity until they could be sold at the market in Stone Town. In 1893, the island was sold to General Matthew, representing the British rulers, who had plans of using it to build a prison – hence its new name. Even though the prison was completed in 1894, it was never used. The buildings can still be seen today as ruins, as they were never maintained.

You will be wowed by the gigantic tortoises, originally from Seychelles. During your visit, you can watch, feed them and even pose for a photo with them for your memories. These tortoises weigh more than 200 kg.

Prison Island with its white sandy beaches, will give you every opportunity to do some sunbathing, swimming or just admire the wonderful underwater world with its colourful corals and fish.

Duration: Half-day excursion

Price: $100

Payment is made at the start of the tour

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